Environment & Sustainability

We support our customers in integrating ecological, economical and social aspects in sustainable economic activities. In external projects as in internal processes we focus on a ecological orientation of our business activity. Thus, a paperless working flow is part of our company philosophy and is being realised by our staff.

Sustainability is not a temporary fashion in business culture, but a constituent part of our economic activities. Communicating this to our customers we can contribute to a clean and viable environment.

Commitment for E-mobility

Due to growing environmental problems as a result of road transport, alternative means of transport are discussed. E-mobility is one of the most promising options for decreasing the CO2 emmission in road traffic.

The E-mobility sector achieved substantial progress in recent past, especially concerning eliminating technical problems and introduction of series-production vehicles.

Thus, E-mobility is an appropriate alternative to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels in mobility sector as well as influences the CO2-pollution positively.

It is essential for regions, to embed E-mobility into the traffic system and ensure an intelligent and innovative use of public transport. gfa - consulting gmbh provides tailored offers for regions and urban agglomerations:

  • profound analysis of the situation
  • concepts for implementing E-mobility in the region
  • support in awareness-raising
  • contacts to technology providers and vehicle manufacturers.