The future is not to be recognized,
it must be created

Stanislaw Brzozowski

Team Consulting

Mag. Wolfgang Braunstein
Managing director, Seniorconsultant, Business Mediation, Management Trainer, DIFA(R)-Trainer & Coach, Persolog(R) (D,I,S and G)-Personality Trainer, Communication Trainer
Isabella Braunstein
Marketing, Project management ICOP, Head of finance and administration
Dr. Gabriele Uhlig, CMC
Mag. Kerstin Edelmann
Seniorconsultant, Project Management
Mag. Bianka Kiszilak, MSc
Seniorconsultant, Management Trainer, Communication & Team Trainer, Systemic Coach
Waltraud Pfeiffer
Consultant, Bookkeeping, Administration