Goncalo Andrade

President and CEO, Portugal Fresh
Executive board member, Lusomorango (PT)


  • PDE - Management Development Programme 
  • GAIN - Management of Agribusiness - at the AESE Business School (www.aese.pt)
  • Bachelor of Agriculture from the ESACB and Marketing Driving Strategies (LBS) at the London Business School (www.london.edu).

Goncalo Andrade has 23 years of experience in marketing & sales of soft-fruit and other horticultural products. In 2005, he founded the 1st Berries Fruit Producer Organisation in Portugal, Lusomorango SA. From 2006 to 2008 he was the vice president of FNOP - Portuguese Federation of Producers Organisation. He's the 4th generation of an Agribusiness family company: CASA PRUDENCIO. Currently, Goncalo Andrade is the President & CEO of Portugal Fresh and Executive Board member of Lusomorango, the biggest Portuguese Berries Producer Organisation.

Arnaud de Beaucaron

International Association of Agricultural Production Insurers - AIAG (FRA)

Arnaud de Beaucaron started his career at the insurance company L'ETOILE in 1977. L'ETOILE is an independent insurance company founded in 1834. It focusses on climatic change and its impact on agriculture. From 1989 to 2017 he was the general manager of the company. Since July 2017 he has been a member of the administrative council of L'ETOILE.

Apart from these activities he joined in 2008 the AIAG - the International Association of Agricultural Production insurers - based in Zurich. Since 2015 he has been the President of the AIAG. He was re-elected as President at the 35th Conference of the AIAG in Warsaw, Poland. 290 participants from the insurance sector from 40 countries took part in this year's Conference.

Luc Berlottier

Team coordinator, unit horticultural products, DG Agri (European Commission)

Born 1966 in France, studied law at the university of Nancy and Strasbourg, France. Served as a case handler in the French National Institute for industrial Property in Paris and afterwards in the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) in Alicante, Spain. Since 2002 working for European Commission, DG Agriculture in various units in Brussels, Belgium. Since 2016 team-coordinator in the European Commission, DG Agriculture, unit C2 wine, spirits, horticultural products, specialised crops.

Wolfgang Braunstein

Managing director, gfa - consulting gmbh (AT)

Wolfgang Braunstein has been a business consultant for 27 years with expertise in strategy, organizational consulting, quality assurance, marketing and operational programmes for the fruit and vegetables market. He studied business management (marketing, trusteeship and fiscal law) and has been a consultant for agricultural producer organisations, companies and regions since 1992.

Frank Corbally

Frank Corbally & Associates (IE)

Frank Corbally is an independent consultant, with 30 years experience of the agricultural and food industry in Ireland and the UK. He has detailed involvement in establishing, merging and operating Producer Organisations under EU CMO Regulations.

Hugues Decrombecque

Director, IDfel Val de Loire (FR)
member AREFLH (FR)

  • Director of IDfel Val de Loire, representing 35 fruits and vegetables PO from Loire Valley
  • Director of La Morinière: main French private research and experimental center for apples, pears and blackcurrant
  • Director of Hexavalor, a private company providing services to many French fruits and vegetables organisations or companies
  • member of the European Fruits and Vegetables Research task force, mandated by AREFLH to present the main objectives of Research an Experimentation for fruits and vegetables in Europe

Jean-Francois Delaunay

Deputy General Manager, Rougeline (FR)

  • 53 years old
  • agricultural engineer
  • Deputy General Manager and administrator of the Operational Programmes of Rougeline - an Association of Producer Organisations of 5 Producer Organisations representing 150 producers of tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries in the South of France.

Josef Eitzinger

Institute of Meteorology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna (AT)

Secondary agricultural school in St Florian. Studied crop sciences at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. Habilitation in 2003 in the subject agro-meteorology, since then working as a professor at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. At the moment head of the Institute for Meteorology.

Key research areas are: yield modelling of agricultural cultures, climate change and its impact on agriculture and estimation of adjustment  measures. Numerous  international projects and publications on this topic.

Current projects in this area are dealing with the impact and monitoring of extreme weather conditions on agriculture (https://combirisk.boku.ac.at).Book publication:"agriculture in climate change".


Ad Klaassen

General Secretary, DPA Dutch Produce Association (NL)

Ad Klaassen, Doctor of Economics and engineer in agricultural sciences is secretary general of the Dutch Produce Association (DPA). The Dutch Produce Association is the Dutch sector association for marketing organizations of fruit, vegetables and mushrooms. He is although secretary general of Fresh Produce Centre (FPC). Fresh Produce Centre is the Dutch interest group for trading companies and growers' associations involved in the sale of fruit and vegetables.

Professional background:

  • Manager for the cooperation Coforta
  • Manager CMO The Greenery
  • Manager of the auction for fruit and vegetables in Veldhoven
  • Manager / secretary for the Farmers Union in Noord-Brabant


  • Chairman of the Dutch Technical Working Group GLOBALGAP
  • Member of the Board quality and security (QS)

Lisa Martini

F.IN.A.F. (IT)

Born in 1976, she graduated in Political Science at the University of Bologna, Italy. She also graduated in Organization and Economic Development and since 2002 she has been working with Structural Funds and other funding facilitated to businesses, particularly in the agricultural sector.

Since 2010 she has been working as a project manager and CMO officer for FINAF, the First International Fruit Association. This APO has been the first transnational APO in Europe to associate 18 POs and about 9.000 agricultural producers.


Jean-Louis Moulon

Vice President, AREFLH and
President, IDfel Val de Loire (FR)

  • Appel producer in centre of France
  • President of the PO La Martinoise
  • President of IDfel Val de Loire, representing 35 fruits and vegetables PO from the Loire Valley
  • President of La Morinière, the main French private research and experimental centre for apples, pears and blackcurrant
  • Vice President of AREFLH, Assembly of the Europeen Regions producing fruit and vegetables, as President of producers' College and Research and Experimentation Committee

Pauline Panegos

General secretary, AREFLH (FRA)

  • studies: Graduation in Economy and Environmental Sciences at the University of Bordeaux
  • current position: AREFLH General Secretary
  • Former AREFLH: Policy Officer in charge of research and innovation, the CMO (Common Agricultural Policy), and Euro-Mediterranean cooperation
  • she has been working for AREFLH for 4 years

Daniel Ribeiro

Managing Partner, Hidrosoph (PT)

Daniel Ribeiro, currently is Managing Partner of Hidrosoph, a company he co-founded in 2008. He has been working in agronomic and environmental projects in several countries since he graduated in Plant Applied Biology - Plant Physiology at the University of Lisbon. He contributes to the project with his large experience in his main areas of expertise: Water Management, Agronomy, Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring and Project Management. Hidrosoph focusses on designing, developing and implementing water management projects to optimize farming operations and organizations, starting from the water management perspective while also integrating other key factors.