Create perspectives

We act as consultants for companies in the agricultural, food, energy and environmental industries.

Our main aim is to ensure the success of our customers. By means of training and workshops we support the potential of companies and people. This is the forte of our consulting philosophy.


"The future is not to be recognized, it must be created." - That is our guiding principle. Every day, companies are faced with the challenge of surviving and shaping the market as well as driving their corporate development forward. In the everyday life of a company the operative events are very often in the foreground. We are continually aware of strategic, structural and innovative development processes. However, due to constant time and deadline pressures, they tend to be at the bottom of the to-do list.


Our goal is to accompany companies in their development processes in a target-oriented and sustainable manner. Thus, our customers can concentrate on their core business. The following topics of organizational consulting are our core business.

Organization consulting

Efficient and efficient organizational structures maintain the competitiveness of companies and regions. Each organization, with its people and history, is a unique system.

Strategy development

Development of new strategies, visions and goals.

Consulting of Producer Organizations

Producer Organizations are groups of fruit and vegetable farmers who aim to concentrate supply in order to strengthen the position of fruit and vegetable producers in the agri-food chain.

Quality Management

Quality management needs systems.
We support you in the establishment of such systems.

Subsidy Management

Efficient funding management strengthens the effectiveness and creates scope for developement.

Management Trainings

People are the focal point of our daily life/actions. Why?


Years of experience in the field of consulting, in building up and establishing of producer organizations, in performing of management training and in project management.


Establishment of gfa - consulting gmbh named „Gesellschaft für Absatzförderung“.


We have successfully implemented more than 1800 customer projects.