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Consulting of Producing Organizations

Producer Organizations - abbreviated POs - are groups of fruit and vegetable farmers who aim to concentrate supply in order to strengthen the position of fruit and vegetable producers in the agri-food chain and to improve the competitiveness of production and marketing on the domestic and world market, by both controlling production costs and focusing more on the market.

The foundation of Producer Organizations and the application for the receipt of subsidies in line with the Common Market Organization (CMO) for these Organizations are complex activities that are sophisticated and need extensive know-how.



  • successful foundation and recognition of Producer Organizations for fruit and vegetables.
  • creation of Operational Programmes as well as of further grant applications (adaption of POs, Annual reports, etc.) and the receipt of subsidies.
  • solution-oriented approach and strategy aiming at the ideal solution of potential problems and challenges in line with the application for subsidies.
  • purposeful communication with the responsible payment agencies.



Qualification and references

  • we are competent consultants with long-term experience concerning the CMO.
  • we have founded  and have been consulting all producer organizations in Austria (11).
  • we founded POs in Germany and have been consulting a lot of them (17) in line with the CMO.
  • in Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, Hungary, the Czech Republic etc. we supported POs in connection with diverse projects.
  • gfa-consulting gmbh is the organiser of ICOP - the International Conference of Producer Organizations for fruit and vegetables which  takes place in 2023 for the 17th time (www.icop.at).
  • gfa-consulting gmbh leads the management of amcAUSTRIA, the representative organization of the Austrian Producer Organizations for fruit and vegetables.




  • concentration of the supply of POs. As a result the position of the agrarian producers on the market should be improved.
  • Access to subsidies and linked with that the improvement of the economic possibilities.


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