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Organizational­ Consulting

"The future is not to be recognized, it must be created." - This is our guiding principle. Every day, companies face the challenge of persisting and shaping the market, as well as driving their corporate development forward.  Day to day business often dominates operative processing, whereas strategic, structural and innovative development processes remain at the bottom of the to-do-list.


We offer companies in targeted and sustainable support in their development processes so that our customers can focus on their core business. These topics of organizational development are our core business:


  • strategy development
  • organizational development
  • human resources and organizational development as a comprehensive package
  • organizational- and process optimization
  • implementation support and project management
  • subsidy management


We start where others stop! In our understanding of organizational development we identify the development fields based on a thorough analysis of the enterprise and conceptualise a goal-oriented implementation process. We offer a range of methods (workshops, trainings, strategic instruments, coaching, mediation, etc.) to accompany the single steps of the implementation process.

"It depends on the implementation and integration of solutions in everyday business life. This succeeds sustainably if all participants are actively involved!"


We analyse, organize and give inspiration. The starting point is the satisfaction of your employees. The IST analysis as needs assessment draws a picture of the development fields and the strengths in your company. In training sessions, workshops and classical training, your employees put the practical tools and methods to the test.

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