"Clear to turn"

Team training aboard a sailing yacht

Successful teams are characterized above all by great trust between the members, by efficient and appreciative communication and by well-rehearsed processes with a clear division of tasks.


As a result, they are also able to respond flexibly and quickly to changing conditions and master conflicts that arise. All these success factors are needed to safely and quickly reach a sailing yacht - the perfect way to shape teams, to visualize the way they work together and thus to optimize the performance of the team.



  • The shared experience and the accomplishment of the assigned tasks in the team strengthen the team spirit.
  • Experiencing, discovering and recognizing leadership and leadership in "real operation".
  • Improving communication in the team and recognizing and improving the culture of conflict.
  • Teams get to know each other in a different environment. Participants have the opportunity to experience their own limits and that of their colleagues or team (in a more or less unfamiliar environment "boat" to feel the forces of nature, life aboard in proximity to the colleagues, ...)
  • The participants get to know each other better in different roles, tasks and situations.



  • Duration: 3 or 7 days
  • Where? Croatia
  • Group size: maximum 6 persons per yacht (also several teams possible)
  • Sailing yachts: modern ocean yachts allowed for 10 people
  • Trainer: 1 skipper and 1 trainer per yacht (both are experienced coaches and sailors)
  • Possible training topics: leadership / leadership, team building / team development, communication, conflict management, strategy development, motivation, project management
  • Quality assurance: goal definition, discussion and debriefing, feedback rounds, individual coaching, result evaluation, rolling planning



  • From departments, groups become motivated and dedicated teams. This brings less cost due to lower friction losses and lower fluctuation or sick leave as well as higher output through efficient communication and clear processes.
  • New employees are quickly integrated into the team.
  • The different abilities of the team members become visible and thus become more usable in and for the team.
  • Teams practice dealing with (limited) resources and increase their flexibility in generating solutions.


Costs and dates

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