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HIT - High-Performance Team: Team & Communication

Team & Communication

"I do not know what my colleague wants from me, which is exactly what we have already clarified!" Everyone knows that statement, and you probably do too. Often misunderstandings in both professional and private life make life difficult. This is due to the fact that we often "misunderstand" what is being said to me or vice versa. Dealing with people is often very challenging due to different personality types and the wide range of expectations and values we have. The challenge increases when working in teams, departments and areas due to roles and corporate structures.
We often have the feeling of being cornered, especially in tricky situations. Often we do not even know how this situation came about. The big question mark in our head is then mostly, how do I get out of this now?



  •  visualize the different personality types
  • consciously dealing with the own personal expectations and needs in the team and the colleagues
  • reflection on one's own role in the team and the strengths as well as the personal development fields
  • Creation of an interactive culture of conversation in a team
  • Solution-oriented communication in a team



HIT I "Team & Communication


  • Persolog® - personality profile: what do I need to be able to work and what do my colleagues need to be able to work as a team?
  • Theory & practice: how do we communicate and what can I change?


HIT II "Systemic Communication - Me, You, Us and How?


  • Getting to know and testing effective communication techniques for different situations in everyday working life
  • How can I solve tricky situations in a friendly and productive way? e.g. Dealing with complaints or dissatisfied customers
  • Build on HIT I.


HIT III: "Communication Patterns - The Look Behind It (Where From, Why? Changeable?)"


  • Why do I understand this in a certain way and my colleague understands it completely differently?
  • Assistance in recognising one's own behavioral and communication patterns.
  • What is needed for sustainable development, change of communication patterns? 



  • Increased awareness of own needs in the team & that of my colleagues
  • Increased productivity in the team
  • Building a solution-oriented and sustainable team and discussion culture
  • Reflection on the status quo and development of untapped potentials
  • Advanced conflict resolution strategies in the team and for yourself



  • Target groups: Teams, departments, areas (also within the company's own framework)
  • Duration: 3x 1.5 days
  • Training: theory inputs, practical exercises with 2 trainers
  • Group size: A maximum of 15 participants
  • Location: Seminar hotel with overnight stay


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