Strategy Development

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Strategy Development

Strategy Development

"You won't recognize the future, you'll make it!" (Stanislaw Brzozowski).

Many companies face the daily challenge of completing daily operational routines as smoothly and goal-oriented as possible. Time resources for strategic considerations and orientations tend to be scarce or even non-existent.

To take time as a company in a structured framework in order to honor and perhaps realign the company vision and the company strategy on the basis of the actual analysis releases in most cases undreamt-of development potential.



  • Reflection of the status quo (actual analysis)
  • Making development areas visible & strengths
  • Development of a corporate vision and development of corporate goals (short, medium and long term)
  • Integration of corporate strategy into everyday business
  • Development of success factors
  • Development of concrete implementation steps of the corporate strategy



  • Actual analysis - in the form of one-to-one interviews before the first workshop or as part of a two-day analysis workshop, which serves as the basis for strategy development
  • Filter and define development potential & strengths
  • Develop and define the corporate vision and strategy and corporate goals
  • Go through the development process and align the corporate strategy with concrete steps for sustainable integration into everyday business



  • Reflection of the actual situation
  • Conscious (re)alignment of the company for the next years (eg 10 years)
  • Set conscious implementation steps based on the coordinated corporate goals
  • Structured and sustainable corporate development
  • Recognizing company potential



4 - 6 days (depending on objective formulation and IST analysis methodology)

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